Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lobbying for Freedom

Lobbying for Freedom

Lobbying for Freedom


Yesterday, formal arguments were presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case… the religious liberty case of the century, which is the direct result of the OBAMACARE ABORTION MANDATE requiring American business owners to provide abortion coverage to their employees.

The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby have said for several years now that they could not morally comply with such a mandate. Hence, the Supreme Court case.

The truth is that Hobby Lobby has provided full health insurance coverage for its employees for years. And that coverage provides for most forms of birth control BEFORE CONCEPTION but the Green family rightly and morally draws the line at chemical abortifacients, in utero devices that kill and naturally, surgical abortions.Send Red Envelope Day Cards here!

That is also the position of more than 50% of Americans today. As you might expect, this is not what you are likely to hear this from the mainstream media as the case is being spun by many as a purely "Prolife issue". Now you can take a stand with Hobby Lobby and let the Green family know that you appreciate their willingness to make the tough choices by CLICKING HERE.

Please, don't be fooled…

This is not "just" about abortion but about the fundamental, Constitutionally-guaranteed protection of religious freedom and protection FROM a government that would impose its will on the conscience of private citizens.

As President Thomas Jefferson warned some 200 years ago, we are at a crossroad in American freedoms:

   "No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which
protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of civil authority."

And that is precisely what is at risk in this case… your freedom and the religious freedom of every faith in the Nation is being directly challenged by the Federal Government. And because the Christian ownership of Hobby Lobby is willing to stand in that gap… even to shut down its successful business (with nearly 400 stores) for this FUNDAMENTAL AMERICAN PRINCIPLE of religious freedom they deserve our support.

Our team recently talked with one of the owners of Hobby Lobby, Mart Green and thanked and encouraged Mr. Green for standing up for religious freedom and their Prolife position. In turn, Mart thanked our staff member for all the prayers that Americans have been offering up.

And no, we cannot directly influence those Justices, but we can let them know that Americans are deeply concerned with laws that run rough-shod over our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom at an ever-increasing pace. And in this case this most unpopular law, passed in the dead of night is making it easier still for the killing of the Preborn under the guise of "contraception". Over 55 million innocent babies to date and we must hold them accountable!

So here is your opportunity to thank the Green family personally with a flood of cards which we will send to them directly by FedEx. And the best part is that we will do all the work for you, as sending your "Lobbying For Freedom" cards is completely automatic. Simply follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click the ACT NOW button to the above right or just click this link.
STEP 2: Choose the members of the Green family and other political leaders you would like to voice your opinion to — President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court Justices and your Congressional Representatives.
STEP 3: Complete the form. That's it. You're done! We'll do all the rest and deliver the cards to the Greens, President Obama, the Justices and your Representatives. And we know from experience that NOTHING has the same impact as personally delivered mail.

This is your opportunity to stand up for religious freedom and

encourage and support the Green Family!

CLICK HERE to show your support of pro-life and those who stand for religious freedom.

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