Monday, March 17, 2014

Love & Truth Network – Northeast Regional Conference

Love & Truth Network – Northeast Regional Conference

May 2 & 3, 2014 Northeast Regional Conference

Theme: "Equipping to Restore"UnmaskedCov_pixlr edited

Keynote: Jim Anderson, pastor, international speaker and author of the book "Unmasked, Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault" will be a keynote speaker at the conference.

Keynote: Garry & Melissa Ingraham, founders of Love & Truth Network, will share to open and close the conference.

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Invitation: This conference is for the majority of us who have experienced the devastation of relational and sexual brokenness. We also especially designed the weekend for pastors, counselors, parents, friends, spouses or helpers who desire to be more equipped and encouraged to help restore people to relational and sexual wholeness through the transformational power, love and community of Jesus Christ.

Summary: Lives have been ravaged by the promise of sexual freedom and pleasure. The banner of "personal rights" has flown high for years, but many are experiencing the impact of relational & sexual brokenness as just that, broken. They want to find another path; they ache to have their dignity and innocence restored, but many are hopeless and addicted to the cycles that temporarily meet immediate needs. As the hands and feet of Jesus, the church must do more than speak against. We need to roll up our sleeves, come alongside in love & truth, and start acknowledging that the majority of people sitting in our churches are deeply relationally and/or sexually broken. The great news is, with Christ and the honest support of His authentic church, a journey of transformation awaits. Many know from personal experience that the journey is far from easy, but it's so worth it! We hope you'll decide to come along with us for our "Equipping To Restore" weekend!

Conference Cost: $35.00/person (+ small EventBrite fee) for Friday evening & Saturday. A love offering will also be received to support the regional and national purposes of Love & Truth Network.

Location: Calvary Community Church 780 Harry L Drive, Johnson City, NY 13790.

Meals: Our conference location has changed from prior years to accommodate closer proximity to hotels and restaurants. This year attendees will be released to decide on a restaurant for lunch and dinner on Saturday (a map of nearby restaurants will be provided).

After the Conference, Now What? Our reason for existing is to "go out" into the northeast and nation, encouraging and equipping leaders and helpers to engage with others in their church, ministry, and greater community who need  to experience the transformational power of Christ to restore relational & sexual wholeness. We would love to connect with leaders and helpers after the conference to assist you in becoming a wounded healer to the many in need in your church and community.


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