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Gender Insanity: Violent Male Sent to CT Women's Prison |

Gender Insanity: Violent Male Sent to CT Women's Prison |



A Connecticut judge made the very unwise decision this month to send a 16-year-old gender confused male (transgender "female"), deemed extremely dangerous by the state, to the York Correctional Institution for Women at the request of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). This youth is the first transgender juvenile ever transferred to the Connecticut Department of Corrections, the adult prison system. Such harebrained jurisprudence tragically puts all involved at an unnecessary risk for harm.

Identified only as Jane Doe in court documents, the inmate was born a male, but identifies as a "female" and is currently undergoing hormone treatments. Attorney Aaron Romano has said that putting his client in an adult prison represents a violation of "her" rights and federal law. The gender bender detainee is currently being held in a single cell 22 to 23 hours per day in a wing for mentally ill inmates, but Romano is fighting to have the youth receive treatment while living with a foster family instead. However, there are currently no plans for a transfer or release.

DCF Commissioner Joette Katz admitted that state law requires placement in the Connecticut correctional system to be based upon physical anatomy, but our culture's current rejection of biological sanity and its reckless disregard for the rule of law guarantee that many more people will eventually get hurt — unless common sense unexpectedly makes a resurgence.

"I asked the Juvenile Court to transfer the youth to the adult system with great reluctance and sadness," Katz wrote in an op-ed for The Hartford Courant. "It was the only acceptable option to ensure the safety of other youths for whom I am responsible. 'She' has repeatedly, and over an extended period, assaulted girls and female staff members."

According to Katz, the most recent physical assault left a staffer with a concussion, eye injury, bites and bruises. So, how exactly is it a good idea to send an aggressive, neurotic male with a penchant for assaulting females to a women's prison? What could possible go wrong? Surely, there are still a few reasonable people in that state who can see the potential for serious trouble.

Court papers indicate that this transgender youth has had quite a traumatic past. The Daily Mail reports the following

'She' was placed in DCF custody at age 5 because 'her' father was in prison and 'her' mother was using drugs.

'She' said 'she' was raped by 'her' cousin at 8, beaten by 'her' uncle from 8 to 12 and placed by DCF in a residential facility, where a worker sexually abused 'her.'

'She' said 'she' was raped at another facility by a boy and repeatedly sexually abused by 'her' mother's boyfriend.

'She' smoked crack and engaged in prostitution for a time. Now, 'she' says, 'she's' now sober but sometimes suicidal.

No wonder this juvenile is angry and confused. But catering to transgender delusions will only exacerbate the problems. What this youth really needs is some solid counseling that will bring him — physiologically a male in every way — back to psychological and biological reality.

And one more thing is for sure, putting males and females together in jails or prisons will never be a good idea. No matter what the circumstances.

This situation illustrates, once again, how the destruction of normal gender roles and the death of rationality, brought about as a predictable ramification of the deviant homosexual agenda, are starting to have disastrous consequences.

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