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Demand ex-gay diversity in school curriculum


New 'Sexual Orientation' Guidelines for 7th, 8th and 10th Graders

June 3, 2014

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Under proposed new guidelines by the Montgomery County Board of Education (Maryland), teachers will be given free rein to discuss their personal views about homosexuality and transgender behavior to students in Grades 7, 8 and 10. 

The topic of sexual orientation and gender identity would also now be taught to younger seventh graders. Previously, the discussion of homosexuality and transgender behavior began in the eighth grade. Teachers were also required to follow a pre-approved script when discussing these issues. But under the proposed guidelines, while teachers will be given general instructions on dealing with these topics, in reality each individual teacher could now be able to discuss their views on homosexuality and transgender behavior. "Off script" can mean anything... sex and more sex talk.

Given that Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) superintendent, Joshua Starr, has publicly and unapologetically scorned the ex-gay community, teachers will not be allowed to discuss the ex-gay perspective with students. Former homosexuals are the only sexual orientation group that is disrespected and discriminated against by MCPS, yet ex-gays are not included in MCPS' sexual orientation tolerance curriculum. 

See the Fox News video about this.

Supporters of the new guidelines are calling it a "big step" toward pushing the sexual orientation and gender identity agenda to children. The Montgomery County Board of Education is accepting public comments up until June 13, 2014. The Board will vote on whether to accept the guidelines on June 17.

If you do NOT want to see these changes implemented in the MCPS, now is the time for your voice to be heard! Please submit your comments to: or fax to 301-279-3147

From a parent:

I would not allow my child to take the health and sex education curriculum offered by the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), based upon what I learned at a citizens advisory committee meeting this past Spring. This volunteer committee is charged with reviewing staff recommendations to change or update the health and sex ed curriculum in the schools, and its recommendations are forwarded to the MC Board of Education. I attended as a witness, but was not allowed to participate in the discussions.

Two of the things I learned are now being proposed by the staff to the MC Board of Education, and the Board will vote upon in June.  The first is that "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" issues will now be discussed at an earlier age -- seventh grade instead of the current eighth grade. Also, it is being proposed that the discussion on sexual orientation and transgenderism no longer shall be scripted. Essentially, this unscripted nonsense would give teachers free reign to discuss their personal views on the subject, with only minimal guidance. 

And given MCPS superintendent Joshua Starr's intolerant and very public stance against the ex-gay community, teachers will not be discussing the ex-gay perspective in a positive way -- if they wish to keep their jobs. PFOX has filed a discrimination complaint against Starr with the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, which is still pending.

During the committee meeting I attended, one of the members, a middle school teacher, asked if talking points would be provided to the teachers, so that they could talk to the parents about the newly-proposed updates. It struck me as strange that a script is now needed to talk to parents...but none is needed to talk to students.

The committee members watched a video, and then approved it for classroom use. The video did vignettes of four types of students: (1) A lesbian couple (with a kiss); (2) a gay young man; (3) a transgender (female to male); and (4) a "straight advocate." I realized that the ONLY role that the straight student is supposed to play in the MCPS is to be an advocate for the gay community.

Students will break up into small work groups to discuss their views on homosexuality, and they are asked to submit, in writing, their views on the subject. But what if they submit the wrong views? 

If you have a child in the MCPS school system -- I recommend that you opt them out of the entire health curriculum. But this may not be enough in the future. The committee was very excited to learn that teachers are starting to proactively incorporate sexual orientation and gender identity themes into other course areas as well. 

If you do NOT want to see these changes implemented in the MCPS, now is the time for your voice to be heard! Please submit your comments to: or fax to 301-279-3147.

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