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"Bridging the Gap Between the Church and the Sexually Broken"


July 2014



I was blessed at the third annual Restored Hope Network conference last month in Portland. In light of the cultural push towards total acceptance of homosexuality, it was refreshing to be with so many like-minded men and women who are holding fast to the Scriptural truth that Jesus Christ can change the heart of someone struggling with sexual sin, and transform them into redeemed men and women who shine with His glory. Andrew Comiskey, author of the Living Waters program, addressed

Anne Paulk Interviews Andrew Comiskey

the gathering and reminded us that the light of Jesus Christ shines brightest in the darkest of times. Dr. David Kyle Foster unveiled his beautiful documentary, Such Were Some of You, featuring testimonies from over two dozen men and women who have walked away from homosexuality. Other speakers included Dr. Larry Crabb, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Anne Paulk, Drs. Earl and Sandy Wilson, and Dean Greer.

In this month's newsletter, graduates of our latest Living Waters groups in Troy and Brighton share what the Lord has done in their hearts during their time in Living Waters. These stories can provide hope to those who are struggling with sexual or relationship sin such as pornography addiction, heterosexual addiction, unwanted same-sex attraction, codependency, or the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Registration is now open for our next session of Living Waters beginning in September in Troy. Call 586.739.5114 for more information.


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Our next Living Waters program will be starting in September in Troy.


Living Waters is a Christ-centered discipleship/ministry program for men and women seeking healing in areas of sexual and relational brokenness including pornography addiction, codependency, sexual addiction, homosexuality, sexual ambivalence, childhood sexual abuse, transgender issues, and difficulty in establishing and sustaining healthy relationships. We will be using the newly revised Living Waters guidebook.


I'm closer to God than I ever have been and I'm excited to keep growing in my relationship with God.

A female participant.


The best parts of Living Waters for me was the small group time, focused ministry and the teaching.

A male participant.



I struggled for decades with anxiety, insomnia, addiction and PTSD as a result of a difficult childhood. I was raised with atheism, arrogance, cruelty, mental illness, and incest. I tried many things to find healing including prayer and church counseling, years of therapy, and medication, and found little to no relief. Living Waters taught me how to safely shine the light of the Holy Spirit into the darkest corners of my soul, and then with prayer, patience, and support to take what I found there and lay the heavy burden down at the foot of the cross and leave it there. This has been life changing. I asked my husband if he had seen any changes in me since starting Living Waters. He said the change has been nothing short of a miracle! I am so grateful that God led me to Living Waters, and I'm grateful to the amazing men and women who led me down this path of healing.

 A female participant



I came to Living Waters very broken, dealing with a lot of pain. Some pain I knew about, some I had yet to discover. I was afraid of God and male leader figures. I knew same-sex attraction was wrong but couldn't reconcile how God could love me with as sinful and messed up as I felt. I didn't have a lot of high hopes that Living Waters would produce healing in me. I think things changed for me when my leader said that no matter what I had done, Jesus loved me. It struck me. I knew right away he was right. I'm not perfect now that I'm out of Living Waters. I still have temptations and fear but now I know that I can come to God and that, all along, He's been pursuing me, even when I can't feel Him there. God has used Living Waters to bring healing to some of the pain and illegitimate ways I've searched for love, security, and significance.

A male participant


Volume 7 - Issue 11
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Testimonies from Living Waters
Upcoming Events
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Counseling Services

Upcoming Events 




Registration is now open for our next session of Living Waters - Troy which will be staring in September.
Call (586) 739-5114



Homosexuality, the Culture and the Church

Dan Hitz at

Clinton Valley 

Assembly of God

July 23rd at 7pm



 Love Broke the Chains

Church of the Living Waters

Detroit, MI

August 14th-16th.

For more information

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Healing Hearts

Parents' Support Group

Rockpointe Community Church 

August 17th at 2:00pm.



 If you would like someone from Reconciliation Ministries to speak at your church

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Prayer Requests


Please pray for the Living Waters Troy team as they train and look ahead to our next session of Living Waters beginning in September.  Please pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the participants and draw them to enroll.


Please pray for Dan's satellite testimony into Iran at the end of this month.  Pray for open hearts to hear the message of transformation.


Please pray for finances as resources have slowed down during the summer months.


Please pray for Reconciliation Ministries as we search for a new daily office.  We are hoping to remain in a church building as it provides support and spiritual strength.  Please pray that there would be little or no rent and that the Lord will work out the logistics.


Reconciliation Ministries offers licensed professional counseling.

Reconciliation Ministries offers Biblically based licensed professional counseling and prayer ministry.  We  specialize in men's sexual issues, relationship difficulties, and childhood sexual abuse recovery.


Call us at 586.739.5114 to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation. 


Here is a short video with testimonies of lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ through the Living Waters program. 
For more information call 586.739.5114
For more information call 586.739.5114


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