Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Will you help us fight discrimination?

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Stop the War on Ex-Homosexuals!

Fellow Freedom Fighter,

Last year, California passed a law banning therapeutic treatment for individuals wanting to rid themselves of their homosexual urges. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held the law constitutional, even though it discriminates against a class of citizens on the basis of sexual orientation. Gays are entitled to such protection, so why aren't ex-gays?
Now, Washington D.C. is poised to pass an ordinance mirrored after the California law. And soon, if the gay activists who are pushing it succeed, it will become the law everywhere!
Unless we stop it!
On Monday, Freedom X sent a letter to the D.C. mayor and city council urging against passage of the proposed bill, entitled the "Conversion Therapy for Minors Prohibition Amendment Act of 2013" (Bill No. 20-501). Freedom X sent the letter on its own behalf and on behalf of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays ("PFOX"), a national organization that assists ex-gays. The bill effectively discriminates against ex-gays, and minors (18 and under, even though the age of consent in D.C. is 16!) who seek therapeutic treatment from licensed therapists, what is referred to as sexual orientation change efforts ("SOCE") therapy. The bill overtly targets people based on their sexual orientation and takes the activist position that homosexuality and gender identity is a one way street.
Last year, Freedom X supported PFOX against the California legislation by filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, we're stepping up our campaign. You see, children and their parents should have the right to seek professional counseling for whatever behavioral issue they want. As a Christian parent, shouldn't you be entitled to raise your child to respect the Bible's admonitions against homosexual behavior and other biblically unacceptable practices?  Shouldn't children confused about their same sex attractions due to sexual molestation be allowed to see the therapist of their choice?
But understand something: the Left has an agenda, and for it to succeed, it needs to recruit our children when they are the most vulnerable and impressionable. If they stop licensed SOCE therapists from treating our children with unwanted same sex attraction, a new and more permissive generation of homosexuals will emerge. And the Christian faith that you and I apply to our lives and use as a moral compass will soon vanish.
That is why this fight is so critical. This fight is only one way the Left wants to undermine our Judeo-Christian traditions, beliefs, practices and values. But if we can make governments come to understand that banning SOCE therapy discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, we can begin to save our children from having to live a life contrary to nature and the Bible; a life which they do not have to live. 
Help Freedom X fight this battle to save the future for our children. Join us by co-signing our letter! Tell the government of our Nation's capital that homosexuality is not a preferred class of sexual orientation over heterosexuality and that children with unwanted same sex attraction deserve access to full mental health care by licensed professionals. Together, we can fight this insidious agenda against the well-being of children. Sign our letter today!


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