Friday, August 1, 2014

Grief to Grace

Grief to Grace

A Message from the Founders

Grief to Grace: Healing the Wounds of Abuse is a psychological and spiritual program for anyone who has suffered degradation or violation through physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse. It is appropriate for those who have endured sexual abuse, rape, incest, neglect, or other forms of traumatic violation in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult. It is also suitable for those who have suffered abuse by a minister or a member of the clergy.

Grief to Grace is a process for helping victims of abuse to discover spiritual healing and transformation. This program was created to end the isolation and secrets of abuse within a retreat process that is fully centered upon the person and presence of Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician. By entering into an intimate and powerful journey through the Sorrowful Mysteries, participants are gently invited to unite their own suffering with the passion of Jesus. By traveling the paschal mystery of their own lives, they will also share in the new life of His resurrection.

Grief to Grace is a journey of Faith. The Living Scriptures, together with journaling, group activities, therapeutic facilitation, cognitive restructuring, discussions and grief work, offer an effective healing process grounded in Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the Sacraments. Grief to Grace is a powerful psychological and spiritual journey providing safety and hope in the midst of emotional chaos. It is a pilgrimage to discover the love, tenderness, belonging, safety, joy, and peace that are often missing from the stories of abuse victims."

-Dr. Theresa Burke, PhD

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Grief to Grace was written by the same couple that founded Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, for healing after abortion.  For more information visit: 

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