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OH Sen. Sherrod Brown Joins Ten Senators to Push Homosexuality on African Nations

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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown Joins Ten Senators to Push Homosexuality on African Nations

Poor countries to be punished for pushback on "gay" agenda

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and nine other senators are coming down hard on Nigeria and Uganda. Why? Over that critically important issue — homosexual and gender-switching behavior.

Both countries recently passed very stringent laws against homosexuality, against activism for homosexuality, and against same sex marriage. So ten liberal senators recently wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to withdraw economic support under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) for Nigeria and Uganda as a punishment for daring to pass laws that seek to curb these deviant behaviors.

Both countries are responding to recent inroads by outside homosexual groups and funding from Western liberals to stir up homosexual activism, which they believe is changing their countries for the worse and influencing children.

My Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is one of these. He joins Senators Christopher Murphy, Tammy Baldwin (who is an open lesbian from Wisconsin), Martin Heinrich, Richard Blumenthal, Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, Edward Markey, and Mark Udall. All these senators are Democrats and all are white.

There seems to be a paternalistic, racist, even anti-Christian attitude here, where white Western leaders who are sadly, supporters of an extreme sexual immorality agenda, are daring to tell African nations that have a strong grounding in Christian faith and solid moral values, how to run their countries and protect their culture and their children.

Why isn't the Obama administration and its liberal allies in the Senate writing similar letters to Muslim countries about homosexuality? Many of them have even more strict laws punishing homosexual behavior.

The senators' letter says the new laws will usher in "an era of widespread oppression of the LGBT community in many African countries." And they contend that the trade agreement in question says that countries must not "engage in gross violations of international recognized human rights." But homosexuality is NOT recognized as an international human right. Activists have tried this for decades at the U.N. and have not succeeded.

Here's a thought. While these laws may seem drastic to those of us in the West, the problem they are addressing --homosexual activism – does change a society and not for the better.

It's unconscionable that homosexuals are drawing children into this behavior and lifestyle. What do parents do to stop this? And since no person needs to engage in homosexual behavior or gender-switching in the first place, the reasoning of these senators is inaccurate.

Senator Sherrod Brown is wrong to support immoral behavior while punishing poor countries. If you'd like to give his office a call, here's the number: 1-888-896-OHIO.

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Linda Harvey, author of the book, "Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality," announced that a guide for small group study for the book has been published on the Mission America web site.

"Youth groups, college roundtables, and adult Sunday school classes can now explore the many facets of the issue of homosexuality through in-depth discussions centered around 'Maybe He's Not Gay,'" said Harvey, founder and president of Mission America. Harvey is a Christian radio talk show host, a speaker, columnist and author who writes frequently about the homosexual political agenda and its destructive impact on America, particularly on our youth.

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