Friday, October 24, 2014

Love & Truth Network

Love & Truth Network

Love & Truth Network

Love & Truth Network is a national organization. Ministry opportunities are plentiful and amazing!  We're meeting with Christian leaders and leadership teams, for now focusing most of our efforts in the Northeast.

cross and old church.100x150Most Christian leaders are becoming more and more aware of the growing cancer of serious relational & sexual brokenness thriving in our churches, and often, our own lives. Regardless of solid Biblical preaching & teaching to abstain from sexual sin, the numerous statistics about regular patterns of sexual immorality within the church and church leadership, are undeniable. Truth alone, though essential and foundational, is not sufficient to alter the behavior of most people attending church Sunday after Sunday.

Clearly, to be truly effective the church must to do more. To begin with, we have to realize that sexual immorality is functioning as a powerful counterfeit to "meet" deep and legitimate needs. Each of us have significant inner wounds, to one degree of another, from the sin and brokenness all around us. Kids are especially vulnerable; we're men and women with deep and infected wounds stemming as far back as our early developmental years as children.

Painful emotional wounds that we've learned to ease with a Praying for you_original.112x150variety of things (food, television/media, gambling, video games, electronic gadgets, shopping, busyness, workaholism, drugs/alcohol, but especially sexual immorality) need to be healed not just confessed as sin. These are profound issues that most churches never speak of, let alone provide help. So in times of loneliness, boredom, emotional hunger, etc… the painful emotional wounds of many vulnerable Christians prompt sinful attempts to meet their own needs in powerful but destructive ways.

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