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Concerned Parents Alert: Cleveland All-Sex Restroom Proposal Carries $1000 Fine -

Concerned Parents Alert: Cleveland All-Sex Restroom Proposal Carries $1000 Fine -



Perhaps this is a gift from God, to truly reveal how loony and depraved the left is. For those who didn't already know, the most recent proposal by Cleveland City Council should surely reveal the awful truth.

It's where the entire transgender nonsense has always been heading: open restrooms for both sexes, by law, punishable by fines.

My long-time pro-family colleague Diane Stover from Northeast Ohio Values Voters sent out an urgent email alerting America to this outrage.

On Wednesday, November 12 at 1:30 PM, there will be a committee meeting at Cleveland City Hall to discuss an ordinance from Cleveland City Council members Joe Cimperman and Matt Zone to make all restrooms and showers in Cleveland open to both men and women. That includes businesses, under the "public accommodations" arm of non-discrimination law.

Let me repeat: Cleveland City Council is considering a proposal to make all restrooms and showers, including those in businesses, open to all men and women. That would evidently apply to schools as well. Just think about that.

The Cleveland proponents told reporters that similar measures have already been passed in many other cities, so it's really no big deal. Where? Key West? Provincetown?

Or is this just a re-positioning of the far-too-common "bathroom" bill, revealing the real agenda: gender eradication?

So Diane went on to ask for car-loads and bus-loads of people to attend this meeting and let Cimperman and Zone know they are out of bounds to introduce this type of legislation.

Now here's a little more detail from an article on the web site and amazingly, the reporter treats open bathrooms and showers as a respectable and not a truly insane idea from the pit of hell. Here's the headline: "Cleveland's transgender-friendly legislation would open all public restrooms and showers to both sexes."

The article continues: "In an effort to help transgendered people feel more comfortable using public restrooms, Cleveland City Council is considering an ordinance that would require businesses to make their restrooms, showers and locker rooms available to both sexes.

And barring one gender from using a facility designated for the other would be a crime, punishable by a $1,000 fine."

I hope you got that. So if a woman is alone in a business and sees some guy follow her into the restroom–and you know this will start to happen—and she screams and makes a huge fuss to draw attention to the male invading her privacy, SHE is the one who will get slapped with a $1000 fine?

How about a privacy-respecting business owner who listens to his or her female customers? Or the grandmas who stand at the door of the public pools – with pitchforks, perhaps– to keep the pedophiles out of the showers with their eight- year-old granddaughters?

Now, the folks from the major homosexual group in Ohio, Equality Ohio—affiliated with the phony "hate" labeler Human Rights Campaign — insist that a person going into a restroom with the intent to harm would still be illegal. How is anyone able to read the thoughts of the person with "intent to harm" ahead of time? The way civil governments have typically protected women and children is to restrict access and maintain privacy and thereby prevent violence and privacy violation.

I guess it's okay with these callous ideologues for authentic women and girls, not "trans-women," to experience a few rough episodes of rape, child assault, public exposure, etc., all for the greater good, right?

Another quote from the article is this: "…the measure is designed to give transgender people the power to use whichever restroom aligns with their gender identity. 'This is common sense legislation, and it's long overdue,' Zone said. 'We're in the 21st century, and it would allow Clevelanders to feel comfortable in their own environment and to use facilities that they're most comfortable with.''

Well, it sure doesn't feel like the 21st century, but more like the misogynistic barbarism and child sacrifice of 600 B.C. And if we're talking comfort, the vast majority of Cleveland women would prefer to keep creepy and predatory males out of their restrooms, retaining sex segregated male /female restrooms and showers as they are at present.

Little girls will then escape physical and emotional trauma and perhaps life-altering incidents of rape or assault. Does the Cleveland City Council even consider factors like this? Or are deluded men dressing as woman a much keener concern in today's upside-down political priorities of loony liberals?

Perhaps some reasonable people with sound judgment and true compassion could be elected to the Cleveland City Council in the future as well.

That meeting is Wednesday, November 12th at 1:30 pm at Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. The office phone number is (216) 664-2000.

An avalanche of sane people is needed to attend: Cleveland's transgender-friendly legislation would open all public restrooms and showers to both sexes.

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