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Do Kids Thrive Through Sex With Adults? -

Do Kids Thrive Through Sex With Adults? -


Sex-crime-tolerator, the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobbying group in the country, is moving into first place in disseminating "LGBT" propaganda to children. HRC will sponsor "Time to Thrive" over the weekend of Feb. 13-15 in Portland, Oregon. It's a conference for educators who want kids to believe they were born homosexual or born in the wrong sex body. The Time to Thrive objective is for kids to maintain that confusion and somehow "thrive" while embracing these behaviors as identities that pose no threat to their future well-being.

I would wish them good luck with all that, but instead, I hope they fail. Because in failing, these kids may actually have a chance to thrive in real life, not in the disturbed imaginations of "LGBTQ" adults exploiting and yes, corrupting kids.

HRC's brazenness is almost beyond belief: a conference about and with minors, in Portland on Valentine's Day weekend, following a sex crime scandal in that city involving one of its leaders, Terrence Bean. Yet this is the movement that parades its sin like Sodom, even when youth are involved, so we should not be surprised.

Will HRC pull out its "All Love is Equal" slogan once again? And does HRC include sexual "love" between adults and children in its definition of equality?

The conference features "gay" and "transgendered" speakers, some as token representatives from prominent organizations. It's co-sponsored by the increasingly radical National Education Association and the American Counseling Association. Do most members of these groups realize what their dues support?

In the city of Portland, the most prominent local Human Rights Campaign representative, Terrence Bean, was arrested in November along with another adult male for third-degree sodomy with a 15-year-old boy whom they apparently met through the iPhone app Grindr, a "gay" hook-up site featuring obscene homosexual posts.

Will Grindr be among the exhibitors at the "Time to Thrive" conference? I'm not kidding. These folks have a real different approach to child welfare than most of us.

Predictably, HRC has issued no statement denouncing Bean's alleged actions. He is a prominent "gay" activist and Democratic Party fundraiser, cozy with Obama, and also, amazingly, one of the co-founders of the Human Rights Campaign. He has served on the board of the HRC Foundation, sponsor of the conference, although it appears Bean has just been quietly removed from HRC board listings.

Bean also has a background in the "gay porn" industry. You can't make this stuff up.

One would think that prior to such a conference, HRC would clarify that their vision of "thriving" for youth who identify as homosexual does not include sex with adults. The organization remains stunningly but predictably silent.

There are 100 free registrations for youth to this conference for students as young as 13, while the adults pay up to $249 each. In the face of HRC's silence about Bean, the conference should be monitored closely by local law enforcement.

Helping children change genders is one of the topics to be covered. "Beyond Bathrooms:  What You Can Do For Your Transgender Students" will be presented by TransYouth Family Allies. Another discussion will focus on youth prostitution, called "survival sex." The homosexual lobby is generally okay with "sex work" as they call it, as long as it's not forced.

During the youth program on the final day of the conference, kids will get advice from the Portland homosexual "Q Center," where kids from 12 to 24 are welcome, because, you know, 12 -year- olds have so much in common with 24- year -olds. Like most of these "gay" community centers, it's not part of a school and accountability is always a problem. Who's watching to ensure these kids are not hooking-up with adults?

And HRC itself will make a conference presentation entitled, "HRC Research:  What's It Like Growing Up in America if your Gender Isn't Male or Female?" Since there are no such individuals, this will either be a silent time for the audience, or another nightmarish fairy tale spun by the sexual anarchists.

Do we need any other reasons to cry "foul" over a gathering like this?

But there's more. Also among the speakers at this conference, defying sound science, will be a representative from the Centers for Disease Control, and the topic will be, "Act Against AIDS:  Harnessing the Power of Partnerships and Social Marketing Campaigns to Address HIV/AIDS Among LGBT Communities."

So it's now "LGBT communities," according to the scientists at CDC? This capitulation to pink politics seems to imply there are in-born identities of homosexuality and gender confusion, yet the CDC's own HIV/AIDS surveillance transmission category designation of "male-to male sexual behavior" (MSM), not identity, reflects the truth.

So, let's get this straight, so to speak. One hand of the federal epidemic-tracking agency is amassing statistics based on reality, while another is a sponsoring partner of a conference from a group helping to fuel the epidemic? The CDC seems now unfortunately to be enabling, not controlling, the spread of HIV and AIDS. Some functions of the CDC have become de facto arms of homosexual advocacy and taxpayers are funding it.

America can mandate tasteless school lunches to curb child obesity if it's a project of the First Lady, so why can't we mandate that the predominant message students receive about HIV is "NO ANAL SEX"? The reason is the "gay" lobby, starting with the Human Rights Campaign.

But still the U.S. has over 30,000 new cases of HIV infection each year among males who engage in homosexual contact. Many of those affected are under 30 and the incidence among this younger segment is increasing. The effects of promotion, perhaps? No one is born homosexual — no research substantiates this desperately-desired claim of "LGBT" advocates. Why can't we reveal this to America's kids, to give them a chance to change and leave this sinful, dead-end lifestyle?

It's quite discouraging sometimes to see how far "gay" promotion to vulnerable kids has gone, how much money these people have, and how many supposedly respectable names are behind it.

Yet if we keep speaking out, these pretenders will be exposed. Some of the folks involved in "Time to Thrive," to be fair, are probably quite convinced they are doing what's right. But any who believe homosexuality is fine, that it's inborn, or that gender change is ever justified, have already doomed the kids they advise.

The Lord will help us overcome this if we ask for His guidance, dig in and stand up against evil.


1. Your congressional representative to object to the CDC's involvement

2. The Hilton Hotel Portland for hosting this child-corrupting event.

3. Speakers and their organizations. Ask why they are aligned with such an inappropriate, deceptive conference including kids. Go here for more information.

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