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Should Christians Be Politically Active? -

Should Christians Be Politically Active? -



Last week on Facebook I was chastised by a fellow Christian for being politically active.  She accused me of blasphemy, idolatry, apostasy and scripture twisting for my defense of Christians being engaged in the public battle for the soul of our nation.  She is apparently one of the "pacifist" Christians who believes that we are never to speak out against the evils done by civil government, because God ordains all authority.  Our conversation thread was on a press release I posted from Senator Ted Cruz announcing his proposed legislation to strip the U.S. citizenship of any American who joins ISIS.

The lady, who uses a pseudonym of "Barefoot Inhispresence," wrote that God is sovereign. Then she cited Daniel's proclamation (2:20-21) that He establishes kings and removes them, and she takes Jesus' silence before Pilate to extrapolate that we should remain silent in the face of governmental injustice.  I wrote to her, "Yes … the Lord is sovereign. He also calls us to expose the works of darkness."

To which she responded:

As they apply to the Church, not rant about the gvmt. There is nothing in scripture telling us to focus on that except to pray for those HE has set in authority. Oh, except that to grumble against them is blasphemy against Him, and He takes that very seriously. Politics are not any focus in scripture…it should not be ours either. We are here to proclaim the gospel, period. And to make certain the Church is not being tainted by leaven. Like a bunch of professors who serve the enemy by distracting believers from their one commanded duty…to proclaim the gospel. And to obey the Lord.

To that, I replied:

How many times did Jesus rebuke the Pharisees? Remember, the Pharisees were not only the "religious" leaders but also the political leaders of Israel at the time. Jesus had strong words for the injustice and the hypocrisy the Pharisees displayed.

There are many evils that Christians have rightly condemned throughout the ages, slavery being one of them. Using the argument that Christians should never engage in the "culture wars," slavery would not likely be abolished anywhere, and no one would speak out against the mass slaughter of pre-born babies. We have no way of knowing how many lives have been saved because Christians have been willing to target abortion mills to pray and try to persuade women not to have their babies killed.

Our Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly Christian, and if they believed they should never speak against tyranny, such as that of King George, there would be no United States.

That was enough for her.  She then threw the harshest of labels at me, a fellow Christian, and afterward "unfriended" me.  She wrote:

Ah, that's too bad. You are more wedded to your "cause" than to the word of God in context and application. You ARE good at fallacious straw man diversions though. Very disappointing. Well, sis…that is idolatry, as well as blasphemy (again, only according to God in His word in Romans 13…you can easily ignore that some more I'm sure). Well, I did what God said to do, I warned you. Your choices and your idols are on your head not mine. But this ungodly, scripture twisting apostasy…I shall not "walk with".

Putting aside the fact that this woman is a stranger to me who knows nothing at all about who I am, what I do (other than the limited knowledge she can glean from my columns and Facebook posts) or the status of my walk with the Lord, and setting aside her condemnation of me (the very kind the "judge not" scriptures are actually talking about), is she right in her claim that Christians should not be politically active?  This is a question with which many Christians have struggled, due to the lack of overt New Testament admonitions to do so.

Yet how many Christians throughout history, inspired by the fire of God's Word in their spirits, have stood firmly against evil actions by civil governments?  Were they wrong?  Was William Wilberforce wrong, as a member of the British Parliament and a Christian, to work to abolish slavery and to speak out against other societal ills, while advocating for God's morality in the public square?  Was Telemachus the monk wrong for standing against the barbaric Roman gladiator spectacles, for which he paid with his life?  Were our Founding Fathers (most of whom were Bible-believing Christians) wrong for standing against the tyranny of King George, standing to the point of violent revolution, in establishing a nation by God's grace?  The list of Christians who have firmly engaged civil government with the powerful weapon of God's truth is long and includes the apostles and Jesus Himself.

As I said to "Barefoot Inhispresence," Jesus strongly rebuked the political-religious leaders of Israel, and this includes His fiery demonstration against the money changers in the temple.  The apostles regularly defied the civil authorities when they refused to silence the message of the Gospel.  You could argue that this was all exclusively in the furtherance of the Gospel, but does the Lord not call us to apply His Word to all areas of our lives?

Writing at the Good News Herald, Gary DeMar states:

First, while it's true that civil government is ordained by God, so are family and church governments. If there are problems in a particular family or church, shouldn't we be about fixing the problems? Civil governments don't get a pass when they do bad things.

Second, is praying for those who are in authority all we should do? How often have the people in Germany been criticized when the majority of the population did nothing when they learned of what Adolf Hitler was doing to the Jews? Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch Christian, who with her father and other family members helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. When Jews entered their watch shop, should they have sent them away and told them that the Nazi government was "ordained by God" and that they would pray [for] the frightened Jews? Should we praise the informant who turned them in to the Gestapo because the informant was "supporting the God-ordained" government?

… Third, it's the duty of citizens to insure that civil governments stay within their jurisdictional boundaries. This is exactly what the apostle Paul did when he questioned the authority of a civil official regarding his rights as a Roman citizen (Acts 22:23–30) and later appealed to Caesar (25:11).

… If it was right for Paul to "protest" this single violation of his rights as a Roman citizen, why is it wrong to protest constitutional violations given the fact that Constitution itself in the First Amendment gives us the right — the obligation — to "petition the government for a redress of grievances"?

It would be hard to support the argument that Christians are wrong for opposing government actions that God calls evil.  Abortion is murder.  God calls us to defend the powerless among us.  How can anyone justify standing by silently as millions of pre-born babies are slaughtered in the evil name of "choice"?  Are the dear Christians, whose hearts are heavy with the burden of grief over this hell-born "woman's right," wrong to tirelessly spend countless hours in prayer and abortion mill sidewalk ministry to the women and girls who enter these dens of death?

Are Christians wrong for speaking out against the dangerous political agenda of the tyrannical homosexual movement?  God calls the sin of homosexuality an abomination.  This abominable sin is being used by our evil culture and political leaders as a "right" to wage a full-frontal assault on Christianity itself, as well as our God-given freedoms and the very foundations of our constitutional Republic—a Constitution and a Republic that is, next to the nation of Israel, the most God-blessed in human history.

Yes, God will avenge every wrong done by the Godless in this world, but I do not believe He desires us to stand silently by in the face of evil done by our civil leaders.  Further, opposing this same evil is not "blasphemy" against the Lord nor apostasy against His Word.

In conclusion, here is an excerpt from a column by John Neish published at the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod:

Many Christians seem to be unable to distinguish between their duties as Christian witnesses and as Christian citizens. They criticize politically active Christians.

Those well-meaning Christians who criticize politically active brothers and sisters are mixing apples and oranges—using the definition of the spiritual mission of the church to criticize Christians who exercise their political rights.

… God gave us this political system. Through it, he allows his people the opportunity to influence the political process. If we as Christian citizens are to give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, we should participate. We also have a responsibility to act on our Christian principles.

We should not be content to treat political responsibility as though it were separate from faith. We are the light of the world. Is it proper for us, therefore, to stand silently by and watch those living in blindness steer themselves—and us and our children—into destruction? I feel very strongly that we will be held accountable for our continued silence.

We have the same political freedom as unbelievers. We have the same opportunity to stand up for and vote for legislation that represents our values. We have as much right to work for legislation to restrict evil as our opponents do to propagate it.

… The apostle Paul used his civil rights. Why shouldn't we?

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New Story on VOC: This Is Who I Am: Masculine

New Story on VOC:

This is Who I Am: Masculine

November 2011 by Chris Stump
I once felt masculinity was barbaric, saturated in stupidity, and weak. So I separated myself from it. When I entered the darkened hallways of middle school I realized I didn't like, or do, most things other boys did. I was different. The masculinity I had rejected once before, I now wanted. But it was so unreachable as if an impassable canyon valley separated me from manhood. There was no way I could be masculine. I didn't like to play sports (nor was I good at it), I wasn't aggressive, and I couldn't care less about the score last night. But I loved singing (and I was good at it), I was sensitive, and I cared abundantly about the clothes I wore to school. As you can see, I would have been like a square being forced unsuccessfully into the circular shape for masculinity. It wasn't happening.
It took me years to realize I was comparing myself to a mold of masculinity that a broken world created. Every man on Earth struggles with what it means to be a man. Even friends I thought for sure would be secure have battled with measuring up to the "masculine standard". Many men do "well enough" fitting into the manly archetype, but some don't. I've heard many stories from guys who battle with same-sex attraction of feeling separated and even unworthy of masculinity. Their interests, passions, and mannerisms just don't measure up.
But by whose standards are we measuring ourselves?
Are we looking to our master Creator and perfect Designer for proper gender perspective, or to social norms of a society functioning out of a worldly, broken perspective? Is God informing whom we are as created men and women, or are other created people?
It is hard living in a society that pressures us to fit into the prototypical man or woman. If we don't we are cast aside, rejected, and labeled an identity that appeases culture. If you aren't what the world thinks is masculine, you must be a sissy or gay. I was given that label that completely cut me off from grasping the masculine God designed me for. I lived close to 15 years of my life – from a child to early college – believing I was just like girls. I could completely understand and relate to them. The masculine was mysterious. Alien.
What changed was my perception. I moved into a house with five other guys during my junior year of college. That year turned out to be the most insightful, impactful, and growth-filled period of my life. I was accepted into the circle of men. I was affirmed as a man, and they had my back. The world that once seemed so foreign to me, I finally stepped into with trepidation. As I spent time with them, doing things guys do, I began to realize I was a lot more like them than I thought. The many years of pre-programming fought the ludicrous idea that I could actually be like them. Eventually truth won, and I embraced masculinity and saw it as a good thing.
Coming to the realization that women were complicated and confusing (no offense) was an admission I never thought I'd give. But it finally clicked in my mind that I wasn't like girls, and I couldn't understand them as well as I thought, and that was okay. I was free to embrace the masculine that was always there. I still enjoyed the arts, dressing well, and still got bored at basketball games. But I was finally free to be me and know that I was still masculine.
As I finally denied the lie and ripped off the straight jacket the world clamped down on me, I could see how masculine I was. I didn't go onto a potter's wheel and evolve into a masculinity that fit the world. I realized the Lord had already molded me into the man He wanted me to be long before the world gave me a counterfeit name. I'm still the tender, sensitive, and artistic guy, but the more I embraced my masculinity the more strength I exuded, the more protective I became, and the more leadership developed.
A friend recently told me that a girl he introduced me to said I had a very calming presence and any girl would really want that in a man. It's interesting that one of my personality traits I once carried with embarrassment was something a girl saw as good and desirable in a man.
I am secure in my masculinity today, and not because I've finally found the "key" to open the door to worldly masculinity. Part of my security came from acceptance and affirmation from other guys. But most of it came from acknowledging my Creator knows His design best. He showed me my masculinity and affirmed it in me. My security came when I embraced myself, and was willing to get to know me better and allow all of who I am out.
If you're like me – creative, sensitive, and artistically inclined – that's a good thing. Don't embrace the masculine mold of this world, but embrace God's masculinity within you. Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot different from the world's perspective.
Embracing my Creator's craftsmanship, I'm no longer inadequate. This is who I am: masculine. 

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Stand for the Family Rally / Conference

September 15, 2014
Heads up:

This week there are two Family/Marriage events you should consider attending.
One is a free rally this Thursday at the State Capitol.
The other is a conference being held this Friday in Provo.
See the attached flier.

Also, read the SoL Blog post, "Three Things Every Gay Should Know Just In Case."

Things Every Gay Should Know Just in Case
by Janice Barrett Graham

You think you're what people today are calling gay or SSA. Maybe you use same-sex pornography because it turns you on and thus validates your decision. You hang out with fellow homosexualists on the internet and in person. Perhaps you're acting out in many other ways, experimenting with your sexual feelings, with clothes, with entertainment, with alcohol, with drugs, with new relationships, with sex. You're living it up, thinking life has never been this exciting. You may have become an activist, systematically attempting to recruit your family, friends, and church into celebrating homosexuality. Could be you've immersed yourself in the gay lifestyle for years.

If it isn't today, it may be at some future time that you decide this lifestyle, these habits, the homosexual mindset and all the destructive things that go with it (the narcissism, the porn, the cross-dressing, the sex addiction, the drugs, the promiscuity, the risks, the illnesses, the rebelliousness against God) is a dead end street. When your reach this point there are three truths you will want to know:

1. You were not born gay. No one is. Your body was created heterosexually, that is, to interact sexually with the opposite sex only. Sex and sexuality are serious business. Anything other than the proper use of sex and sexuality will result in somebody getting hurt. You are not under any obligation or compulsion to self-destruct by way of homosexuality or anything else. Every thought, feeling, and act is a choice. Getting help and support to overcome homosexuality, if needed, is a choice, too. 

2. You won't go to heaven unless you repent. Like everyone else, you are going to die and be accountable for your thoughts and deeds. People who willfully rebel against God will not want to be in His presence. This means you won't end up in heaven unless you turn back to God and goodness while in this life.It is only because of Jesus Christ that repentance is possible. His arms are always stretched out to you. True repentance requires a measure of selflessness and humility. You must be willing to give up lawless pleasures and pride in order to progress as a child of God.

3. You can change. People repenting of their sins and mistakes comprises a great portion of the history of mankind. All the best stories are about people changing for the better. People change their minds and hearts all the time. We live in a culture where sexual immorality of all kinds is falsely considered brave and cool. We've all been conditioned to some degree to accept lies about sexual sin. We have to fight it, in our culture and in our own hearts and minds. You have been equipped with this ability. You have a mind and a heart, and these God-given faculties can be woken up and applied to lead you back to reality, health, and goodness. 

Lord bless and all good wishes!

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Alan Keyes to Speak at Ex-Gay Event

For Immediate Release

Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, 215.815.7716, 610.584.1096,

Former Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes to Speak at Ex-Gay Awareness Conference

Richmond, Va.—Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX,, a non-profit organization serving families and the ex-gay community, has announced that Alan Keyes, former ambassador and presidential candidate, will be a headline speaker at its second annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month Conference in Washington, D.C.

The all-day conference on Oct. 4 will celebrate the lives of individuals who have left the homosexual lifestyle and will include a panel discussion with parents and friends of ex-gays and gays, led by PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs.

"Our second annual conference is sure to raise awareness about the serious issues that ex-gays face," Griggs said. "We are looking forward to a strong showing of attendees as we honor our ex-gays and their families. We also welcome the families and friends of those living homosexually who support the ex-gay message that change is possible."

Scheduled speakers at the second annual conference include:

  • Alan Keyes, former ambassador and presidential candidate
  • Sandy Rios, Director of Government Relations for American Family Radio Talk and Vice President of Family Pac Federal
  • Matt Barber, founder of
  • Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at Family Research Council
  • Jayson Graves, Clinical Director at Healing for the Soul
  • Greg Quinlan, Past President of PFOX
  • Regina Griggs, Executive Director of PFOX
  • Denise Shick, author, speaker and Executive Director of Help 4 Families
  • Christopher Doyle, President of Voice of the Voiceless

At the conference, Rios will be receiving the Friends of Ex-Gay Freedom Award, and Jernigan will be receiving the Ex-Gay Courage Award.

For more information on the conference, click here, visit, call (804) 453-4737 or email

PFOX recently unveiled its new web site to serve as an encouraging resource for parents and friends who are supporting an ex-gay or gay family member.

Found online at, the site provides help and support to ex-gays and their family and friends as they live out their daily lives. PFOX believes knowledge is power and wants to keep the community informed of the latest news concerning ex-gays and the ex-gay community by disseminating accurate information and debunking misconceptions about ex-gays and same-sex attraction.

PFOX is a national non-profit organization that supports families and educates the public on sexual orientation and the ex-gay community. PFOX is for every person seeking the support of family, friends, the community and church. PFOX supports an inclusive environment for the ex-gay community and works to eliminate negative perceptions and discrimination against former homosexuals by conducting public education and outreach to further individual self-determination and respect for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation.

PFOX believes that every person seeking positive life change needs and deserves the love and support of friends, family, the community and the church and strives to offer a place for help, a place for truth, and a place for the ex-gay to participate in the conversation about same-sex attraction.

PFOX families love their homosexual child unconditionally, believing that true love is granted in spite of our differences by treating each other with kindness and respect. Each year, thousands of men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions make the personal decision to leave a gay identity through gender-affirming programs, including counseling, support groups, faith-based ministries and other non-judgmental environments.

For more information on PFOX, visit

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to support families and educate the public on sexual orientation and the ex-gay community.


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Leaving Homosexuality - Focus on the Family

When libertarians become judges

Federal judge envisions 'rape license' for 'right to rape'


Judge Richard Posner, a federal judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, recently become a hero to the pro-"gay marriage" left when, by way of a "legal analysis" free from the troublesome constraints of logic, case precedent, biology, tradition and reality in general, he managed to somehow divine a long-hidden constitutional "right" for two dudes to get "married." "How can tradition be a reason for anything?" an incredulous Posner demanded last month of attorneys defending marriage protection amendments in both Wisconsin and Indiana.

It would seem that Posner's contempt for tradition extends to all things sexual, up to and including the puritanical presupposition that it's always wrong for a man to rape a woman. This idea, according to Posner in his 2011 book "Economic Analysis of the Law" (8th edition), is evidently an equally archaic tradition that, like the institution of natural marriage, needs a significant overhaul.

Posner's suggestion? Perhaps it's time the government begin issuing "rape licenses" (I kid you not) since, and based upon an exclusively utilitarian and morally relative cost-benefit analysis, the "right to rape," for some men at least, "exceeds the victim's physical and emotional pain."

On page 216, Posner, a Reagan appointee considered "conservative" in "progressive" circles, writes, "Rape bypasses the market in sexual relations (marital and otherwise) in the same way that theft bypasses markets in ordinary goods and services, and it should therefore be forbidden."

OK, while this is an oddly detached and clinical start to a discussion on rape, it is, so far, not entirely unreasonable. Posner would have been well served to stop here. But, and much like those who are the subject of his rape analysis, he does not stop.

"But," continues Posner – I didn't know there were any "buts" when it comes to rape – "But some rapists derive extra pleasure from the fact that the woman has not consented. For these rapists, there is no market substitute … and it could be argued therefore that, for them, rape is not a purely coercive transfer and should not be punished if the pleasure to the rapist (as measured by what he would be willing to pay – though not to the victim – for the right to rape) exceeds the victim's physical and emotional pain. There are practical objections [No, really? Practical objections to rape?] … [b]ut the fact that any sort of rape license is even thinkable [what kind of bigoted rape-o-phobe would suggest otherwise?] … is a limitation on the usefulness of that theory.

"What generates the possibility of a rape license," he persists (hold off, fellas, they're not available yet), "is the fact that the rapist's utility is weighted the same as his victim's utility. If it were given a zero weight in the calculus of costs and benefits, a rape license could not be efficient. The only persuasive basis for such a weighting, however, would be a moral principle different from efficiency."

And herein lies the rub. We all know what Posner thinks about "moral principles." He's a moral relativist. There are no moral principles, most especially "traditional" moral principles. I mean, "How can tradition be a reason for anything?"

But wait, there's more. You gals trapped in one of those "traditional" marriages needn't fret. Posner's got you covered, too. "Marital rape?" C'mon, is there really such a thing?

"In a society that prizes premarital virginity and marital chastity [I know, sheesh, right?], the cardinal harm from rape is the destruction of those goods and is not inflicted by marital rape," he writes.

"… The nature of the harm to the wife raped by her husband is a little obscure," he continues. "If she is beaten or threatened, these of course are real harms inflicted by an ordinary assault and battery. Especially since the goods of virginity and of chastity are not endangered, the fact of her having intercourse one more time with a man with whom she has had intercourse many times before seems peripheral to the harm actually inflicted but is critical to making the offense rape.

"Most of the reasons for not making marital rape a crime have lost force with time," he laments.

Of late a fanciful meme has taken root among the "progressive" left. It's one that imagines ours as a patriarchal "rape culture," which fosters an environment wherein women are systematically raped with impunity (especially on our nation's college campuses).

Apparently, the solution is for chicks to pierce and tattoo themselves, declare "slut pride" and parade nude in "slut walks" across the globe. But that's an outlier.

I finally get it. Posner is the "rape culture." I wonder how these mouth-frothing "marriage equality" lefties will react to his permissive approach to rape. In much the same way, I suppose, they reacted to myriad accusations of sexual harassment and assault lodged against Bill "depends-on-what-is-is" Clinton. With total silence and self-serving hypocrisy.

None of this should surprise anyone. Richard Posner is a faithful disciple of Alfred Kinsey, the anti-science, anti-morality left's sexual messiah. Kinsey was a bug doctor turned "sexologist." Though married to a woman who took part in his many filmed "scientific" orgies, Kinsey was a promiscuous homosexual and sadomasochist. He managed to completely upend and twist the world's perception of human sexuality in the 1950s and '60s with his world famous "Kinsey Reports."

Even today, most are completely unaware that during his tenure at Indiana University, Kinsey facilitated, with stopwatches and ledgers, the systematic sexual abuse of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and infants – all in the name of science. His research also "found" that rape doesn't really hurt women. In his 1953 volume "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" at page 122, Kinsey wrote, "Among the 4,441 females [reporting rape] on whom we have data, there was only one clear cut case of injury … and very few instances of vaginal bleeding, which however, did not appear to do any appreciable damage."

Starting to see what makes Posner click? "His Honor" is a dyed-in-the-wool Kinseyite.

Though Kinsey's "research" has long since been completely debunked and discredited, the elitist left, to include Judge Posner, even still relies on it to push its own sexual anarchist worldview. Writing in his 1992 book, "Sex and Reason," for instance, Posner gushed, "The two Kinsey reports remain the high-water mark of descriptive sexology." He calls Kinsey the "central figure" in the "scholarly science" of sexology.

Raped? Well, suck it up, walk it off and congratulate yourself.

You've reached Posner's "high-water mark."

The latest book from the foremost expert on Alfred Kinsey: "Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America"

Media wishing to interview Matt Barber, please contact