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A Former Lesbian's Moving Story of Freedom From Homosexual Sin -

A Former Lesbian's Moving Story of Freedom From Homosexual Sin -



[Editor's note:  I have come to know Wendy and her story through an amazing set of circumstances that only God could have arranged. She is a delightful woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart and has asked BarbWire to share her moving story of redemption and freedom from homosexual sin through the power of Christ Jesus. Wendy has said that it is her hope that her testimony might resonate with even one person who can relate to the circumstances that Satan used to lead her into the homosexual lifestyle. If you are that person, then you (and God) will know it. What the enemy intended for evil, God is using for incredible good in the life of Wendy. The same can be true for you. - Matt Barber]

My name is Wendy and I was born in a small town in Virginia. I was in church, every time the doors were open, for as far back as I can remember. I also attended the Christian school within my church that was rooted deeply in an Independent Baptist doctrine. My mama was very sickly and was in and out of the hospital. I have a sister that is almost 4 years younger than me and baby brother that only lived for 3 days and then passed away. Mama died Christmas of 1982, at the age of 32. At the time of her death, I was 11 and my sister was 7. My dad was a rage-a-holic and an alcoholic. He had wanted a boy so badly and lost his one and only son. I believe he decided to make me his boy or at least that is how it seemed. Especially as I got older, he treated me differently than he did my sister. Here is an example, when I got my first car before dad would give me the keys to drive it; I had to change the tire, without assistance, as he stood and watched. My sister, he just handed the keys.

My dad verbally and emotionally abused my family. He was a tyrant and as a little girl I thought to myself, if all men are like my dad, then I want nothing to do with men. I made a vow to never get married because men were not safe. Due to my family's rigid and extremely conservative views, I knew that if I told they would not believe me. I remained painfully silent about being sexually abused. Satan stole my innocence and I was exposed to things that I should have never been. As a young child, I was attracted to women. My silence allowed Satan to cultivate a huge lie that confused my sexual identity. It was the birth of unnatural desires that would later manifest into full blown homosexuality.

I was in so much pain and confusion that one day I found some relief….with alcohol. I finally found something that would numb me and I could check out of reality. My drinking continued to get worse and worse. It is only by God's grace and mercy that I did not get a DUI, go to jail, kill somebody or myself. I suffered with depression and often struggled with suicidal thoughts. One night, I was drinking and was holding my loaded gun, trying to talk myself into pulling the trigger. God saved me that night from taking my life with a phone call. I fully believe I was going to kill myself that night but God's loving grace and mercy poured out over me.

I had my first consensual sexual experience with a girl at the age of 15, this led me into one unhealthy relationship after another. But, sleeping with women was "safe" for me. It was the easy way out considering my fear and hatred towards men. All of those relationships ended the same way; with shame, regret, hurt, unmet expectations, broken promises, and emotional pain. Yeah, all that and then some! And to top it all off, I tried to drink it all away. The lie I bought from Satan was that I just hadn't found the right girl…I just needed to find her. The problem was that there was no right girl. I was absolutely, completely out of the will of God and His divine plan for my life.

One day, a girl that I was trying to hook up with, invited me to church and I strongly declined. She continued to ask me… So, I asked her, "If I agree to go with you to church, ONE TIME AND I DO MEAN ONE TIME, will you please stop asking me to go to church with you?" She agreed that if I would go one time that she would never ask me again, so I went. I remember it was in February 2007, on a Wednesday night. I cried like a baby through worship and for the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was HOME. I belonged.

I continued to go to church every time the doors opened. In April 2007, I rededicated my life to Christ. As a small child, I had made an emotional decision to be saved. I know today that I had never truly surrendered my life to follow Christ.

The Lord blessed me when I found a group of believers that struggle with same sex attraction that truly loved me with no judgment and taught me the root causes of SSA. God's grace and His unfailing Love is what set me free from the bondage of homosexuality. He gave me a way out. God has totally redeemed me and saved me from the chains of alcohol addiction and sexual sin. My heavenly Father began and will continue to heal all my hurts and fill the voids. I stand victorious and a child of the Most High King!!!   Not because I deserve it but because I have a Savior that loved me first, while I was still a sinner. I have decided to walk and follow Christ. I will not let my past define me because I am who God says. I am beloved, cherished, a princess and daughter of the Lord, God Almighty!!! Thank you Jesus, for saving me from a life that was leading me straight to hell.

(BarbWire has chosen to withhold Wendy's last name to protect her from the 'LGBT' attack machine. Nobody hates like the 'tolerant' left.) 

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Marriage Group Backs Liberal Dem over Gay Republican

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Jackie Hill’s love letter to a lesbian | Gay Christian Movement Watch

Jackie Hill's love letter to a lesbian | Gay Christian Movement Watch

Jackie Hill's love letter to a lesbian

Rising Exlesbian Christian poet and spoken word artist Jackie Hill has penned a poignant but powerful letter to women who identify as lesbians. Via Desiring God blog, the peice is too good not to print in its entirety. After you finish reading, send this love letter to a lesbian you know and love.

Dear ______,

I just want you to know that I understand.

I understand how it feels to be in love with a woman. To want nothing more than to be with her forever. Feeling as if the universe has played a cruel joke on your heart by allowing it to fall into the hands of a creature that looks just like you.

I too was a lesbian. I had same-sex attractions as early as five-years old. As I grew up, those feelings never subsided. They only grew. I would find myself having crushes on my female best friends, but I was far too ashamed to admit it to them — let alone to myself.

At the age of 17, I finally made the decision to pursue these desires. I entered into a relationship with a young lady who became my "first." The first time we kissed, it felt extremely natural, as if this feeling is what I had been missing all along. After her came another woman and then another woman. Both relationships were very serious, each lasting over a year. I enjoyed these relationships and loved these women a lot. And it came to the point that I was willing to forsake all, including my soul, to enjoy their love on earth.

In October 2008, at the age of 19, my superficial reality was shaken up by a deeper love — one from the outside, one that I'd heard of before but never experienced. For the first time, I was convicted of my sin in a way that made me consider everything I loved (idolized), and its consequences. I looked at my life, and saw that I had been in love with everything except God, and these decisions would ultimately be the death of me, eternally. My eyes were opened, and I began to believe everything God says in his word. I began to believe that what he says about sin, death, and hell were completely true.

And amazingly, at the same time that the penalty of my sin became true to me, so did the preciousness of the cross. A vision of God's Son crucified, bearing the wrath I deserved, and an empty tomb displaying his power over death — all things I had heard before without any interest had become the most glorious revelation of love imaginable.

After realizing all of what I would have to give up, I said to God, "I cannot let these things or people go on my own. I love them too much. But I know you are good and strong enough to help me."

Now, at the age of 23, I can say with all honesty that God has done just that. He has helped me love him more than anything.

Now why did I just tell you about this? I gave you a glimpse of my story because I want you to understand that I understand. But I also want you to know that I also understand how it feels to be in love with the Creator of the universe. To want nothing more than to be with him forever. To feel his grace, the best news ever announced to mankind. To see his forgiveness, that he would take such a wicked heart into his hands of mercy.

But with that in mind, we're in a culture where stories like mine either seem impossible or hilarious, depending on the audience. Homosexuality is everywhere — from music, to TV, even sports. If you'd believe all that society had to say about homosexuality, you'd come to the conclusion that it is completely normal, even somewhat admirable. But that is far from the truth. God tells us that homosexuality is sinful, abominable, and unnatural (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:18–32; 1 Corinthians 6:9–11; 1 Timothy 1:8–10). But if I were to be honest, sometimes homosexual attractions can seem natural to me.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that this may be your dilemma as well. You see what God has to say about homosexuality, but your heart doesn't utter the same sentiments. God's word says it's sinful; your heart says it feels right. God's word says it's abominable; your heart says it's delightful. God's word says it's unnatural; your heart says it's totally normal. Do you see that there is a clear divide between what God's word says and how your heart feels?

So which voice should you believe?

There was a time in my walk with Christ where I experienced a lot of temptation about falling back into lesbianism. These temptations caused me to doubt God's word. My temptations and desires began to become more real to me than the truth of the Bible. As I was praying and meditating on these things, God put this impression on my heart: "Jackie, you have to believe that my word is true even if it contradicts how you feel." Wow! This is right. Either I trust in his word or I trust my own feelings. Either I look to him for the pleasure my soul craves or I search for it in lesser things. Either I walk in obedience to what he says or I reject his truth as if it were a lie.

The struggle with homosexuality is a battle of faith. Is God my joy? Is he good enough? Or am I still looking to broken cisterns to quench a thirst only he can satisfy? That is the battle. It is for me, and it is for you.

The choice is yours, my friend. I pray you put your faith in Christ and flee from the lies of our society that coincide with the voices of your heart — a heart that Scripture says is wicked and deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). Run to Jesus instead.

You were made for him (Romans 11:36). He is ultimately all that you need! He is good and wise (Psalm 145:9). He is the source of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3). He is kind and patient (2 Peter 3:9). He is righteous and faithful (Psalm 33:4). He is holy and just (1 John 1:9). He is our true King (Psalm 47:7). He is our Savior (Jude 1:25). And he is inviting you to be not just his servant, but also his friend. If lasting love is what you're looking for anywhere else, you are chasing the wind, seeking what you will never find, slowly being destroyed by your pursuit.

But in Jesus, there is fullness of joy. In Jesus, there is a relationship worth everything, because he is everything. Run to him.

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Recommend "Maybe He's Not Gay" to Your Library!

Recommend "Maybe He's Not Gay" to Your Library!

Recommend "Maybe He's Not Gay" to Your Library!

A message to our supporters from Linda Harvey:

Friends, I am asking you to support the work of Mission America by recommending that your local public and high school libraries purchase my book written especially for youth called, Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality.

Now, if you are not yet familiar with Maybe He's Not Gay, you can read more about the book HERE. It's written especially for teens and young adults, who are hearing so much misinformation in our current culture and at school about "LGBT" identities and behavior.

My book has received very favorable reviews and is thorough in explaining why conservatives and Christians are questioning our culture's rush to embrace this behavior. I walk the reader through the factors to consider, step by step. No one who actually reads this book and is really honest would come away claiming it's full of "hate," but quite the opposite. The book emphasizes common sense, healthy and God-honoring choices, and faith-based hope.

Now, most libraries do not accept donated volumes, especially newly published books, but they have a budget to purchase books themselves. There's usually a place on the library web site where you can email your suggestion for the library to purchase a particular book. The information about my book that you'll need is very simple, and we've included all that you might need below.

I recently learned of several instances where some of our supporters did suggest Maybe He's Not Gay to their libraries and the book was added to the collection, praise the Lord!

So thank you, thank you for helping out the cause of truth. In this age of propaganda, don't our kids deserve to hear the whole story?

God bless you!
Linda Harvey, President, Mission America

Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality
Author: Linda Harvey
Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Penrhyn Press, Columbus, OH
Published: January 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1629030104
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.6 x 0.3 inches

Would You Trust this Virginia Man with Your Health Care? -

Would You Trust this Virginia Man with Your Health Care? -


Virginia Legislature

Where are all the transgender activists in Virginia? They are being pretty quiet about a huge victory they could claim.

It seems that the health commissioner of the state of Virginia is a guy now preferring to be known as a female. Dr. Marissa Levine was in a former life, Dr. Mark Levine. And because I prefer to deal with reality, that's what we will call him here.

Virginia Mass Resistance head Linda Wall is one of the few folks talking about this stunning development. Mark Levine was appointed interim health commissioner last February by Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat. It's too bad Levine now seems to be a permanent fixture in this slot, because already he is operating like a committed liberal and trying to undo regulations on abortion clinics so those that haven't complied won't close.

In fact, Levine is turning out to be the water-carrier for the extreme pro-abortion policies of Terry McAuliffe. Pro-life supporters in Virginia are livid.

While Dr. Levine does on paper have an extensive background in public health, this recent decision he's made to pretend to be a woman overshadows everything else in his life. He was a male in the public eye as recently  as 2006, when quoted in the Washington Post as a family practitioner who treated "transgender" people. His own personal struggle was not revealed in this typically biased WaPo article.

"Physician, heal thyself" has never been more applicable.

It's not my intention to pick on Levine personally. His identity crisis should prompt our sincere compassion. However, he's not just Joe Transvestite on the street but holds an influential position, and his own prejudices and personal self-deception could potentially impact millions of people.

The confusion of the person who can't accept his or her own biological sex is enough to disqualify such a person in the minds of many from a position of authority, particularly in the field of public health. A clear mind and sound judgment in the age of Ebola has never been more critical.

What's really ironic is that Levine studied at Johns Hopkins University, the same institution where Dr. Paul McHugh was psychiatrist- in -chief for many years, and where sex change surgery was pioneered in the U.S. Johns Hopkins eventually stopped performing these procedures because the patients were seldom better off afterward.

Dr. Paul McHugh wrote that he now sees the condition quite differently, even boldly stating in a recent Wall Street Journal article that transgenderism is not a right but a mental disorder that needs understanding, treatment and prevention. He also said that sex change is a biological impossibility and that recent studies with long-term follow-up of sex change patients showed disturbingly high levels of mortality through suicide as they aged.

The decisions of Levine as a highly- positioned professional, a man-posing-as-a-woman, could have an impact on the health care of millions as he takes charge during any encounters with infectious diseases like Ebola.

After all, Dulles International Airport is where Thomas Eric Duncan arrived on U.S. soil, already ill with Ebola. Dulles is one of the five U.S. airports designated for enhanced screening procedures because visitors from West Africa regularly arrive there. Dulles is in the state of Virginia and would be under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Health.

No political correctness should be applied when managing the possible spread of such a virus, but what will Levine do if it shows up in Virginia? Already expert at heavily massaging the truth, this man's leadership under pressure would be severely tested.

And then, there's another epidemic under the authority of this man-who-wants-to-be-a-woman: HIV/AIDS in Virginia. Now, how objective do we think he's going to be about that? Male transvestites are among the most at-risk groups for HIV.

So let's review: the top doctor in the state of Virginia, a position presumably dependent on a clear grasp of provable science and objective facts, denies his own physical, anatomical reality as a male, instead pretending to be a female. Again, his personal issues become everyone's issue because in his high-level position, it's no longer about him. He's a public servant and because of the decision he's made and all it signals, he is an inappropriate choice for such a position.

This kind of government chicanery is where the real war on women exists. Not only is Dr. Mark Levine pretending to be what those of us who are real women are, he is now going to make it easier for real women to abort their children? This is all too radical for words.

While we pray for this truly confused man, let's pray that Virginia wises up and appoints a clear-minded person to its highest health post.

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I Stand Sunday

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Ruthless Misogyny: Janna Darnelle’s Story and Extreme LGBT Activism | Public Discourse

Ruthless Misogyny: Janna Darnelle's Story and Extreme LGBT Activism | Public Discourse

Ruthless Misogyny: Janna Darnelle's Story and Extreme LGBT Activism

Men—no matter their sexual orientation—do not have a right to women's bodies or body parts.

Janna Darnelle's recent Public Discourse essay, "Breaking the Silence: Redefining Marriage Hurts Women Like Me—and Our Children," reveals what is behind the heartwarming pictures of gay families from a mother's point of view. As someone who was raised by a lesbian mother, I would like to weigh in. I will comment not only as a former child who was once all smiles in those pictures, but also as an academic, a woman, a mother, and a feminist.

Darnelle's essay struck a nerve and went viral. It is not surprising that, within a few hours, LGBT activists had taken up arms against her. Keyboard warriors manned the ramparts. Soon, the usual thugs took up their clubs and pitchforks.

For those of you who avoid the subterranean landscape of online same-sex parenting debates, it is useful to be introduced to Scott "Rose" Rosenzweig, a virulently misogynistic LGBT activist. As soon as Darnelle's essay was published, Rose went into action, darting from the blog Good As You to other sites in an effort to destroy her personally. (Rose's obsessive internet commenting has attracted attention at other news outlets as well.) Darnelle's ex-husband even weighed in. A helpful fellow, he left her personal information in the comments section of several activists' blogs, including her full legal name.

Janna Darnelle wrote under a pen name in order to protect her family. Unfortunately, her ex-husband's comments helped Scott Rose embark on a campaign of harassment and intimidation. As I will discuss below, Rose was not content to confine his character assassination to the internet; he has also contacted Darnelle's employer in an attempt to get her fired.

Readers will recall that Darnelle's essay discusses her divorce from her ex-husband and her struggles as a single mother to provide a sense of family. Although her conclusions are controversial, her story is well-written and articulate. Sadly, the hate-driven response from extremist LGBT activists and bloggers confirms what many women are beginning to realize. While these activists laud the ex-husband for "living his truth," they hold women and children in such contempt that they refuse to recognize the legitimacy of Janna's account of her difficult experiences as a mother. Although they purport to represent the disadvantaged, certain wings of the LGBT-rights movement function as all-white men's rights groups. In our contemporary climate, these men are allowed to do great harm to women and children with impunity.

Erasing and Exploiting Women

On the most superficial level, what Darnelle described could have parallels in a heterosexual divorce. In most cases, a woman's standard of living drops significantly after a divorce, while men's goes up significantly. So, in that sense, there was nothing surprising in Janna's story: the judge favored the husband, who had a steady high income.

The bloggers and activists who comment at Jeremy Hooper's Good as You blog have used this judge's decision to suggest that Darnelle was an unfit mother. Darnelle's piece did not give details about the family's custody arrangement, but I have confirmed that the mother has 60 percent custody of the children. This indicates that she has not been found to be "unfit" in any way.

The "unfit mother" trope is very important, because it helps justify taking women's children, eggs, or the use of their uteri. Darnelle is right. Many families headed by gay male couples are built upon exploitation of women. Practically speaking, Scott Rose and his compatriots have formed a men's rights group that seeks to use women as breeders. These egg donors and surrogate mothers supply infants for a bustling market full of same-sex couples, for whom reproduction is naturally and biologically impossible.

In the name of equality, groups such as GLAAD (which employs Jeremy Hooper as a consultant) have pushed through gender identity laws that have legally erased women. The term "woman" now legally can refer to the way that a man chooses to identify himself. Once women have been erased legally as a group and as individuals, it is not hard to erase "mothers." This lends support to the practice of using one woman's eggs and another woman's womb to supply children for gay male couples, obscuring the concept of motherhood and making it seem dispensable.

A Guide to the Playbook of Extreme LGBT Activists

The publication of Janna Darnelle's story led to a spate of blog posts full of vitriol, calling her "a pitiful creature," accusing her of mental instability, and questioning her very existence.

With the help of her husband's comments, Scott Rose set off to dig up and publicize as much personal information as possible about Darnelle, such as high school graduation and real estate records. Rose has harassed Darnelle with threatening messages. He has even contacted Darnelle's employer, leaving this message on the company's Facebook page:

This is a COMPLAINT against […], an executive assistant in […]. Under the nom de plume of "Janna Darnelle," […] has published a horrifying, defamatory anti-gay screed on the website "Public Discourse." The first problem would be that she is creating a climate of hostility for eventual gay elders and/or their visiting friends and relatives. The second problem would be that in the screed, she comes off as being unhinged. Her public expressions of gay-bashing bigotry are reflecting very poorly on LLC.

Sadly, all of this conforms to a predictable pattern of attack. If you study the routine that plays out whenever extreme activists like Scott Rose decide to take someone out, you will see seasoned patterns. Four steps comprise their usual character assassination.

First, they call the individual a liar and say the person's existence cannot be verified without more data about him or her. Second, once they have such data, they write to the person's employer to get him or her fired or professionally destroyed. Third, if they cannot get the person fired, they go after the family members. Fourth, if they cannot turn the person's family against him or her, they blast endless broadsides against the person, trying to make him or her feel afraid or unsafe at all times.

They have a bag of rhetorical tricks as well. Learn these.

Soft derails: "What about straight divorces, adoptions, and blended families?" Such asides are meant to distract and create false equivalencies. The fact is, every single family headed by a gay male couple had to take another person's child. In order to accept this, one must accept that men have the right to use women's bodies and buy their children.

Shocking derails: "Look at all the bad parents that are heterosexual." The existence of such parents, while tragic, does not give men the right to harvest eggs from women, to use them as breeders, or to take their babies and children.

Appeal to emotion: "We want children; what should we do?" This tries to make people feel guilty or shame them into handing over poor women to be used by rich men. My response: I have not asked you to solve my problems, have I? You can't demand society legislate a special subclass of women to be used explicitly as breeders so you can feel happy.

Born this way biology: "Do not live a lie; be true to yourself." This tactic becomes another erasure of women. In this scheme, we are asked to accept that men's biology matters. A man who is attracted to other men could not possibly be asked to stay with his wife, because he is biologically fated to be attracted to other men's bodies. Yet, simultaneously, we are told that women's biology—especially their biological bonds with their children—are of no importance. Despite the scientific evidence of maternal and fetal bonding during pregnancy, and despite the long histories of women who have suffered lifelong grief because their babies were taken from them, we are expected to think of women as breed animals and to believe that men have the right to raise other people's children.

You want to marry a man and you are a man? Society does not owe you women's children, women's eggs, or women's bodies.

They Can't Silence Us Forever

In writing this piece, I know that I risk being labeled a bigot. Like Janna Darnelle, I will probably have to endure a whole host of misogynistic terms. I'll be called crazy, unhinged, laughable, bitter, fat, old, and ugly. In other words, I am just a woman who dares to say rich privileged white men do not have the right to women's bodies and body parts.

Male sexual pleasure has been a protected industry for both gay and heterosexual men for ages. By and large, the industry exploits women and children. Now we have a new industry: surrogacy, or the commercial-industrial uterus. How very progressive. And at the same time, how very old and predictable.

Rivka Edelman is a visiting professor of literature and writing. She has published widely under a different name. She is also a feminist, a children's rights activist, and an active member in the network of adult children raised in LBGT households.

Correction: October 6, 2014

An earlier version of this article incorrectly conflated the actions of Jeremy Hooper and Scott Rose. It also described Mr. Hooper as being employed by GLAAD. Mr. Hooper is not a full-time GLAAD employee; he acts as a part-time Special Projects Consultant. Public Discourse apologizes for these errors.

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New Group "Outs" Virginia Transgender Health Commissioner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  CONTACT: Linda Wall, CEO        
                                                         October 23, 2014                                                                                               757-657-1141                                                                                                                   

Yorktown,Virginia – Virginia Mass Resistance, a Judeo-Christian group, made its first public appearance today with the launch of an awareness campaign about the transgender Health  Commissioner of  Virginia.  Information packets went out by mail to all members of the Virginia General Assembly, clergy members of  Virginia as well as civic leaders.  The packets included various public information items clearly showing the transformation from manhood to perceived womanhood.
In January of this year, Governor McAuliff  appointed Marissa Levine, the former Mark Levine, as interim Health Commissioner.   At some point the "acting commisioner" became the official face for Virginia health issues.
"Whether or not the appointment of Levine had a hidden political agenda or not remains to be seen",  commented Linda Wall,  the CEO of Virginia Mass Resistance.  Wall went on to add,  "In light of the eradication of 1.3 million votes defining marriage as one man and one woman and Levine  side-stepping the General Assembly's law regarding safety regulations for abortion clinics, the question arises, how much will the citizens of Virginia tolerate? "
Virginia Mass Resistance is a Judeo-Christian group of Virginians whose objective is to resist all forces opposing the Judeo-Christian foundation of the Commonwealth. Contents of the mailer may be viewed at