Sunday, August 2, 2009

Man wearing halter top and mini skirt claims bigotry


Group Files Complaint Against Transgender Mayor

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He's known for his high heels and short skirts, and he's mayor of a city in Oregon.

Now, Silverton's mayor, Stu Rasmussen, is facing a new controversy. People are complaining his outfits are a little too risque.>When the mayor was invited to a youth leadership training recently, to speak to a group of students, the leaders of a non-profit group say they were concerned about his outfit. The mayor was wearing a some sort of bathing suit top or halter, a mini skirt and high heels.

The group filed a complaint.

"I was surprised," the mayor said. "I was stunned. And honestly, the organization Silverton Together is supposed to be committed to diversity and you know, this amounts basically to bigotry."

"If we had a problem with his lifestyle, why would we have invited him in here? His lifestyle is no secret," a group leader said. "We see him every day. And, as I said earlier, it's not the lifestyle I would adopt myself, but I support his right to that lifestyle."

According to city code, tank tops and mini skirts are inappropriate